lørdag 4. april 2009

Summer is coming

Summer is on it's way here in Denmark now, it is getting much warmer and the mud is drying up. The horses are enjoying it a lot. The horse above is Gallahad, a PRE that Bent has in training.
The days have been as normal here on Lindegården since i last wrote, with only a few happenings: Emma and Tom have gone home, and a new practicant from Germany, Manuela, arrived a week ago.
I was away on a short holiday to Netherland for 4 days meeting up with friends and relaxing and going to conserts.
After that i got a bad cold and was sick with fever for a week. Except from that not much is new.

The riding is going well on Blåi, she is now sure on the aids and the shoulder in both on the circle and along the the wall. The quarter in is getting better and better on the circle.
The trott is also coming along nicely now, and i have started to collect her a bit more.
I trott we are also working on the shoulder in. She is a good girl!!!

Mulle was just about to get back to old form and doing all the sidemovements and collection nicely, but last weekend she started to lame slightly on her left front leg.
It has gotten better through the week, and i rode her a bit yesterday, but 'i'll take it easy with her for a while longer.

Filur is doing well, he likes standing outside sleeping in the warm sun, i have not been riding him so much lately, but always in the weekends.
But he has a new little habbit which i find very cute!!!
In the mornings when i come to brush him he has desided that it is a lot more cosy to get comfy in the straw and be cuddled by me, that to be brushed. So very often he has layd down when i come in to him, sometimes a cat, or Kimo comes in and joins us as well.
I love it, but it does mean that i get a lot of stress getting all my other chores done after we are finished with our morning cuddle session :-)

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  1. Hei Monika! =) Nå må du komme med noen oppdateringer snart:) Vi leser med spenning vet du!